Nuria Lopez-Bigas

Nuria Lopez-Bigas is an ICREA Research Professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and head of the Biomedical Genomics group of the joint Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics, GRIB (IMIM-UPF) at Barcelona (Spain). She has a PhD in Biology from the University of Barcelona and has expertise in Medical Genetics and in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. During her PhD work, she studied the molecular causes of hereditary deafness at the group of Xavier Estivill. Next she moved to the European Bioinformatics Institute in Hinxton (Cambridge, UK) to work on Computational Genomics at the group of Christos A. Ouzounis and then at the Center for Regulatory Genomics (Barcelona) at the group of Roderic Guigó. Nuria joined the University Pompeu Fabra in April 2006 and was appointed ICREA Research Professor in October 2011. She is author of more than 100 scientific articles and has developed numerous scientific software and tools in the cancer genomics area.

Research interests

Her research is focused on the study of cancer from a genomics perspective. Her group is interested in the development of computational approaches to analyse cancer genomes to identify genes and pathways driving tumorigenesis. Nuria is also interested in the study of the involvement of specific pathways in cancer, in particular pRB/JARID1 pathway, Hippo and E2F pathways.

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