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Scientific Programmer position at the Computational RNA Biology Group (To analyze long-read sequencing data)

Job title:  Scientific Programmer Position

Job description: We seek exceptional candidates with a strong motivation in contributing to research in RNA biology. The successful candidate will work on the development and maintenance of tools to analyze long-read sequencing data to study transcriptomes and differential RNA processing. The candidate will work in close collaboration with other members of the group and experimental groups to analyze long-read sequencing data from experiments in human disease models. Eyras' lab focuses on the study of mechanisms of RNA processing and their relevance in cell differentiation and disease. Further information can be found at the group web site:

Project and Institution that finance the contract

The work is supported by grant BIO2017-85364-R from the Spanish Ministry of Economy (MINECO), FEDER and Agencia Estatal de Investigación sources.

Official number reference

AEI - BIO2017-85364-R (FEDER) E. EYRAS

Information on the minimum requirements

The candidate will preferably have a background in Computer Science, with experience in the development and implementation of algorithms for data analysis in biology. We are looking for highly motivated candidates with knowledge of programming in Python as well as C or C++. Experience in code optimization for large-scale data analysis would be preferable. Experience with software development (GitHub), automation (Makefile, snakemake), and containerized distribution (Docker) will be a plus. As this project involves collaborations in an international environment within and outside the PRBB, excellent teamwork skills and fluency in written and spoken English will be required.d.

Benefits of the opening: The successful candidate will be offered an initial full-time contract for 6 months, with salary commensurable with experience, with the possibility for an extension.    

Information on the application process:

Send CV and letter of interest, to (REF: PN_EEyras)

Deadline to submit applications - July 27, 2018

Contact: Carina Oliver (GRIB) -

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