The project "ActivA: translational bioinformatics in health care" granted by MITC

The Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics laboratory (, led by Jordi Villà-Freixa, has become part of an ambitious innovation project to pave the way for integration of  the data coming from the patient with the results that the researcher obtains from it, ensuring the quality control and the rational of this flow of information in both directions thanks to the clinicians involvement. The budget for the project is more than 1.2 M. Euros, partially funded during 2 and a half years by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, and will be carried out by a consortium integrated by the UPF, the Associación Madrileña contra la Fibrosis Quística, Intelligent Software Components SA, and coordinated by O2 Health Link (O2H ™). This project will link a series of tools for monitoring the rehabilitation of patients suffering from cystic fibrosis using interactive games for physical activity and remote sensing. These data from mobile devices will be incorporated into a social networks system that relatesparticipatory data privately and securily with simulation programs created by the researchers. Thus, in real time, a clinician will be able to determine trending evolution of individuals and to access advanced analysis and simulation of the data, while strongly interacting with the researcher to ultimately improve the patient treatment in a truly personalized health care set up. The CBBL will contribute different bioinformatics analysis and simulations tools and the development of a 3D virtual environment for accession and treatment of the biological data. The following stages of the project involve further integration of the system with the VPH toolkit and public databases, opening the possibility to provide tools for, e.g., the plethora of rare diseases or in widely spread conditions as the Alzheimer disease.

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