Be an atom for one afternoon!

Some researchers of GRIB are in the process of doing a scientific movie about molecular dynamics within the PRBB Interval sessions (The Visual Storytelling course) and we need your help. In this movie, we will perform a molecular simulation (that is, simulating the movement of atoms) using real life people instead of computers. As such, it has the potential to not only become very educative for the non-scientific population (for which this movie is intended), but also very funny and an interesting experience (think of all the flash-mobs).

And here is where YOU can become part of this project by playing one of the atoms in the simulation! No mystery really. The simulation itself will be very easy. You will have to follow a few very basic rules that will make up the simulation (we will explain everything in detail on the day the simulation will be performed). The rules you have to follow depend on the color of T-shirt you are going to wear this day, as we would like to distinguish between neutral (white T-shirts), positively charged (red or orange T-shirts) and negatively charged (black T-shirts) atom-people.

In order to plan everything, it is very important for us to know how many people are coming and which T-shirts they could bring to the simulation (white, black and red/orange) The venue is gonna be the PRBB premises (inner square or Darwin square) and the day is up to your choice among some possibilities. So, if you are interested in participating, please fill out this small questionnaire, we will contact you as soon as possible.
For any question you can contact:;; Phone number +34 933 160 506

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