Presentations of the 2nd VPH NoE study group this Friday!

The VPH study group presentations will take place on Friday 8th, Xipre room, starting at 11AM.It is expected to have 4-5 different presentations on the topics developed by the participants in the 2nd VPH NoE study group during this week. More information and final program can be found at

The topics the participants are developing are:
1) O2 difussion and smooth muscle influence in the respiratory track mechanics
2) from drug induced ion channel blocking to 1a) arrhythmia formation in the heart and 1b) Ca2+ dependent cardiomiocyte contraction

3) mechanobiology of aneurism evolution

The 2nd VPH NoE Study Group verses about the presentation of new developments on the field of multiscale simulations. The event has consisted on a one day workshop on multiscale simulations, followed by four days of actual study group on applying such concepts and methods to three different biomedical problems. In the line of the first study group, hosted by the University of Notingham, the event has focused more on problem definition than on the use of actual tools, although in this edition some of the tools identified by the VPH community in the form of the VPH toolkit has been explained in some details to make participants aware of existing solutions to common problems.

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