GRIB and CRG organize the new PRBB Structural Biology Seminar Series

The new PRBB structural biology seminar series are focused on structural biology at the PRBB. It will complement other seminars in the PRBB like the computational biology series focused on bioinformatics and the technical seminars.
Seminars will last only 25-30 minutes which is a sufficient amount of time to convey the message from the speaker. There is not a fixed day for it, so to take advantage of visitors as much as possible.

The first seminar will take place tomorrow, 21st of January at 11:00 AM at PRBB room UPF (3ª planta) 300.08/350.08 an verse about "The modulation of the endocannabinoid system by membranes"
Speaker: Enrico Dainese, University of Teramo, Italy.
Organizer: Computational biophysics group, GRIB.

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