The CBBL, awarded in the new edition of the “marató de TV3″ projects

The CBBL team has been awarded in the new edition of the “Marató de TV3” basic research projects call. The awarded project deals with the study of the modulation of microglia/macrophage response by targeting novel immune receptors regulating cell activation and phenotype, which will provide neuroprotection after acute CNS damage.

The role of the CBBL within the consortium is to bring knowledge in the computational modelling of the receptors and their interations with different types of ligands. The project is coordinated by Laia Acarín (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), and includes the groups of Carme Solà (CSIC), Joan Sayós (Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca) and Hugo Peluffo (Institut Pasteur, Montevideo), as well as the CBBL.

The “marató de TV3″, organized by the Catalan public broadcasting media, has established since 20 years ago as a reference charity in Catalonia and the South of Europe and represents a sublimation of the expectations the general public puts into scientific research of important biomedical problems. Despite the economical difficulties our country is suffering in the last few years, the response of the public to the call for funding is increasing every year, demonstrating a very proactive and cohesive society.

As public researchers we take this new challenge with renovated energy, and taking into account the individual contributions of many anonymous people we will put all our efforts to produce a succesful outcome of the project.

The project was awarded during the official ceremony that took place at the UAB on Wednesday, November 9th 2011.

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