The Complex Systems Group of the GRIB participates in a project to build an artificial protocell

The Complex Systems Group, who belongs to the GRIB, is one of the groups of researchers that are integrated in PACE, a project of EU 6th Framework Program (FP6). Leaded by Dr. Ricard SolĂ© , this GRIB’s research group participates in PACE particularly from the theoretical perspective, modeling protocell dynamics and their possible evolution.

The Complex Systems Group will also develop several modelling tools allowing to explore the behaviour of in silico models of protocell and replicator dynamics. These cells will integrate three basic microscopic biochemical systems: a container (the lipid membrane), a construction system (the metabolism) and a genetic system involving information-bearing molecules (peptide-DNA) that encode the critical molecular processes and simultaneously participates catalytically in the metabolism.

The building of an artifical cell would be a fundamental breakthrough in our understanding of life, its origins and evolution, not to mention a wide array of potential medical and technological applications.

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