Four GRIB research projects receive National Plan for R&D financing

The GRIB research groups leaded by Drs. Eduardo Eyras, Jordi Mestres, Baldomero Oliva and Manuel Pastor have received a grant of the National Plan for R&D, managed by the Science and Education Ministry, to start or continue developing research projects.

It’s the first time that the research group of Dr. Eduardo Eyras receives a financial aid of the National Plan for R&D. The project granted is dedicated to the development of a “Computational study for the alternative splicing evolution of metazoan genomes”.

Another GRIB member that has obtained a grant of the National Plan for R&D for the first time is Dr. Jordi Mestres, who had presented to the Ministry a project entitled "Development of novel knowledge-based methodologies for the refinement of target protein models and its application to the directed design of molecules".

Dr. Baldomero Oliva’s research group has received an aid to continue working during a second year in a project to develop bioinformatics models to analyse interactions between proteins and their applications in predictions of the protein structure and functions.

Finally, the group of Dr. Manuel Pastor has received funds of the National Plan for R&D to work in a project entitled "Biocomputational contributions to novel strategies for the discovery of antipsychotic drugs". The funding for these projects comes partially from the Spain State Budget and the European Regional Development Fund and will be used to cover staff expenses, execution and direct costs.

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