Babita Singh (Regulatory Genomics Group) with the awarded researchers


The project 'Elucidating the Network of Breast Cancer' awarded with a grant of Sandra Ibarra Foundation

The project of the Regulatory Genomics group of GRIB (IMIM-UPF) led by E. Eyras will study the alterations of the protein interactions in breast cancer cells, by recapitulating the conditions of tumor cells in a normal cell model. The alterations in expression thus produced would be examined using advanced genomics and proteomics technology.       

Sandra Ibarra Foundation of Solidarity against Cancer organizes this annual event for their support to research in breast cancer. Since 2008, when the foundation was started, it has provided 19 Research Fellowship, worth more than 475,000 euros. This year the event took place on 17th September, 2013 at Hotel Fira Palace in Barcelona and the ghd-grant was awarded to five different projects in the field of breast cancer research.  For the Regulatory Genomics group, it was a proud moment, a motivation and a wonderful opportunity to witness and be a part of an event where members of the scientific and non-scientific communities joined hands and pledged to work for the betterment of the society.

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