GRIB renews its Quality accreditation as a member of the IT Network

The Research Unit on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB) has renewed its Quality accreditation as a member of the Quality System defined by the Network of Innovation Support Centres (IT Network) of the Centre for Innovation and Business Development (CIDEM) of the Catalan Government.

In order to renew the Quality accreditation every two years the GRIB has to pass a quality audit and propose and implement new strategies and actions to improve its Quality System. After obtaining the Quality Certificate in 2003, this is the first time that GRIB had to renew its Quality accreditation.

One of the handicaps companies mention when they decide to subcontract part of their R&D to universities is the irregularity in the quality of service. That is the reason why CIDEM has developed an specific accreditation process for the technology centres and university groups with high potential for technology transfer to the industry that are members of the IT Network.

The accreditation renewal is based on the requirements of the quality standards ISO 9001 and EFQM Model and takes into account key aspects as leadership, resources, strategy, quality system, marketing management, project management and customer service.

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