Interview to Magda Gayà-Vidal, a former student of GRIB

Click here to have a look to the interview to Magda Gayà-Vidal, a former student of GRIB, talking about the results obtained in her master thesis carried out in the Evolutionary Genomics group, which has been recently published.

Apart from talking about the most interesting results of that study (the identification of ~200 genes that have evolved more rapidly in humans than in other primates), it was also the opportunity to talk about research in genetics in plain language. For example, to give a very simple description of what a gene is, or to mention that nowadays there are new fields of study (genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, etc) and initiatives on personalized medicine, as well as discussing the current status of research financing.

Article ref.: Gayà-Vidal M & Albà MM (2014). Uncovering adaptive evolution in the human lineage. BMC Genomics 15:599.

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