Come to the GRIB EXPO the 10th November 2014

Come to the GRIB EXPO, a scientific exhibition on biomedical informatics research at GRIB. It will take place at Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) the 10th of November with the participation of Philip E. Bourne as guest lecturer. You will have the chance to interact with scientist working on computational tools to shape the future of healthcare and drug discovery. 

Participation is free and open to all academic, industrial or health organizations within the PRBB and beyond. Registration is compulsory. Please click here for registration or send a mail to


10:30 12:15 Welcome coffee + Posters session.   (Charles Darwin square)

The posters will explain the main research lines and results of GRIB research groups. One researcher of the group will stay next to each poster to provide the information required by the audience.  

12:15 12:30 GRIB figures & facts, Ferran Sanz.   (Ramon y Cajal Room)

12:30 13:30 Philip E. Bourne lecture: “Bioinformatics in the Era of Big Data” (Ramon y Cajal Room)

Abstract: Bio{medical}informatics is a field that has emerged through the analysis of data primarily generated by other researchers. As such it is a leading indicator for what biomedical research will involve in the era of big data, taken here to imply large diverse datasets at different biological   scales - from molecules to populations. Does the model by which we have accessed such data thus far scale to the future? I will argue that the answer is no and new approaches are needed which would change how we do our science.

13:30 15:00 Buffet lunch + Posters session    (Charles Darwin square)

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