GRIB organise the "Cancer genomics and personalised medicine workshop: focus on pancreas cancer"

The workshop is addressed to researchers and students interested in cancer genomics and the main objective is to provide a view of top research projects in cancer genomics research, with a special focus on Pancreas Cancer. Speakers include Prof Ben Raphael, from Brown University (USA), who will talk about The Cancer Genome Atlas Project on Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. Prof. David Chang, from the Institute of Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow, who will discuss molecular stratification approaches on pancreatic cancer. Dr. Stepha Ossowski (from the Centre for Genomic Regulation), who will address the challenge of identifying driver mutations in heterogenous or low purity tumour samples. Finally Prof. Kristen Van Steen (University of Liege, Belgium), will talk about integrative approaches in cancer.

The Biomedical Genomics group of GRIB, led by Núria López-Bigas, as members of the EUPancreas COST Action organize this event hosted by the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park the 1st of July. The EUPancreas COST Action is an integrated european platform for pancreas cancer research: from basic science to clinical and public health interventions.

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