Open PHACTS wins European Linked Open Data award

We are delighted to announce that project Open PHACTS has been awarded first place in the Linked Open Data Award of the inaugural European Linked Data Contest (ELDC). An international jury of ambassadors from over 15 European countries elected Open PHACTS as the winner.

The Open PHACTS project has built a platform for drug discovery that integrates data over diverse sets of public chemistry and biological data.  It currently connects linked open data from 12 different data sources, including chemical compounds, protein targets, biological pathways and tissues, and diseases. The diversity and size and of the Open PHACTS data are growing rapidly, and it contains currently more than 3 billion triples. The Open PHACTS project is a unique collaboration between European academic groups, small businesses and large pharmaceutical companies, partially funded by the EU.

GRIB participates in the Open PHACTS project as coordinator of one of the workpackages.

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