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A new version of DisGeNET has been released!!!!

DisGeNET version 4.0 has been released!  DisGeNET is a discovery platform integrating information on gene-disease associations from several public data sources and the literature. Developed by the Integrative Biomedical Informatics group of GRIB, DisGeNET integrates expert-curated databases with text-mined data, and it is one of the largest available repositories of its kind. The new release of DisGeNET contains more than 400,000 gene-disease associations, comprising around 17,000 genes, and more than 15,000 diseases and phenotypes. Some of the new features of the current release include:

  • New expert-curated databases
  • Information on more than 45,000 SNPs associated to diseases
  • New annotations of genes to phenotypes
  • The DisGeNET Gene-Disease association type ontology updated with new association types
  • New features to prioritize genes: the Disease Specificity Index and Disease Pleiotropy Index
  • Integration of the Disease Ontology and the Human Phenotype Ontology

and more...

For further details, visit the DisGeNET website and follow us at twitter @DisGeNET

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