MedBioinformatics project celebrates the 8th General Assembly Meeting

The eighth General Assembly meeting of the MedBioinformatics project took place in Hinxton (UK) on June 14th 2017 at the Wellcome Genome Campus. This one-day meeting was focused on presenting updates from research activities of all project partners and to define a workplan to accomplish the goals of the project, with special attention to the various use cases being developed in collaboration with clinicians and translational researchers. 

The project coordinator made announcement of the 3rd European Conference on Translational Bioinformatics (ECTB2018) which is planned for April 16-17th 2018, organized by the GRIB (IMIM-UPF) at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), Barcelona.

The project MedBioinformatics "Creating medically-driven integrative bioinformatics applications focused on oncology, CNS disorders and their comorbidities" aims to develop useful bioinformatics tools and applications, and autonomously usable for analysing the huge amount of data and knowledge generated in healthcare and biomedical research in order to facilitate translational research and precision medicine. European project funded by H2020 for the period 2015-2018 and coordinated by the GRIB.

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