Thesis lecture of Mari Carmen Carrascosa: "Next generation of informatics tools for big data analytics in drug discovery"

Next Tuesday 20th of March at 11h, Mari Carmen Carrascosa , member of the Systems Pharmacology group of GRIB will defense her thesis "Next generation of informatics tools for big data analytics in drug discovery" at the Classroom number 61.127, placed at the first floor of the Doctor Aiguader building (Dr. Aiguader 80).  You are all invited to this event.


The classical silver bullet paradigm of one drug interacting with a single target linked to a disease is currently challenged. It is now widely recognized that one drug interacts with multiple targets and these targets are involved in many biological pathways and expressed in a variety of organs. As the notion of complexity has been gradually accepted, the reductionist drug discovery approach has naturally evolved towards systems multilevel strategies.

Thanks to technological advances, there has been a huge increase of data generated in the various fields relevant to drug discovery, namely, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, genomics, metabolomics, etc., which has expanded dramatically our ability to generate computational models with increasing performance and coverage. But ultimately, extracting knowledge from this complex, vast and heterogeneous amount of data is not straightforward.

The main objective of this Thesis is to develop new interactive analytics and visualization tools and investigate their ability to extract knowledge from highly interconnected data when implemented into an integrated flexible platform to facilitate drawing simple answers from complex questions. In particular, special emphasis will be put in the navigation aspects of the relationships between systemic entities (small molecules and their metabolite, protein targets, safety terms).

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