"We found a way to share the unsharable", an interview with the eTOX project coordinators F. Pognan and F. Sanz

The eTOX project partners developed innovative strategies and novel software tools to better predict the safety and side effects of new candidate medicines for patients. In an interview with the Innovative Medicine Iniciative (IMI) Programme Office, project coordinator Francois Pognan of Novartis, and academic coordinator Ferran Sanz, Director of GRIB (IMIM-UPF), explain how the tools developed by the project are already helping pharmaceutical companies make better-informed decisions in their pursuit of developing safer drugs for patients.

“For the academic world”, Ferran Sanz says, “the way in which we have learned how to collaborate with the pharmaceutical industry is potentiating our capabilities to create spin offs and to establish research contracts with the pharmaceutical industry, beyond this particular project”.

Read the interview at ‘We found a way to share the unsharable’ – an interview with the eTOX…

About the project:

The eTOX project was granted as one of the first IMI projects. It has successfully ended its consortium life after 7 years of collaboration between 13 pharma companies, 11 academia institutions and 6 SMEs.

The eTOX project as IMI consortium has been completed with the accomplishment of an effective synergic sharing of historical toxicological data within the pharmaceutical industry. It created a series of models to support toxicity prediction. Both data and models are integrated in the platform developed in the project, the eTOXsys, which is a powerful system to access the eTOX data and the predictive models.

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