Artificial intelligence and computational methods will save a lot of time in drug development. Photo by the National Cancer Institute on Unsplash.


A strategic agreement of Chemotargets with CRG to accelerate the development of new drugs

The CRG and the drug identification company Chemotargets, a spin-off of the GRIB, have joined forces to promote the development of new therapies for different diseases, such as cancer or fibrosis.

The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) and the biotechnology company Chemotargets have reached a collaboration agreement to facilitate and accelerate the process of searching for therapeutic targets and the subsequent drug development.

This initiative combines, on the one hand, the experience of the CRG in the identification of new therapeutic targets for diseases such as cancer, fibrosis, eye diseases, blood diseases or diseases that cause inflammation; and on the other, the cutting-edge technology, computational methods and data analysis offered by Chemotargets, a spin off of the Systems Phamacology group of GRIB led by Jordi Mestres.

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