The GRIB is organising the International Symposium on Biomedical Informatics in Europe, that will take place in Barcelona on 25-27th June 2007.

INFOBIOMED and SEMANTIC MINING, two of the Networks of Excellence funded by the European Commission that work in the field of Biomedical informatics, co-organise the current symposium, that aims to serve as a forum for discussion around the hot topics in this scientific discipline. The event aims to covers the following topics:

  • Systems biology insight into human disease and treatment.
  • Biocomputation and knowledge management in drug discovery and development.
  • Modelling and simulation in biomedical research.
  • Data and knowledge mining in biomedical research.
  • Standards and ontologies in biomedical informatics.
  • Case studies of biomedical informatics approaches.

This event expects to attract the most relevant actors and initiatives in the current European scenario. Additionally, other European projects, like EURESIST, ACGT and LOCCANDIA will also participate in the event.

For more information about these Symposium, please go to the following webpage:

The conference registration is free, but attendants must complete and send the following online registration form before the 15th of may 2007 in the following webpage:

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