INFOBIOMED selected as "Project of the Month" of October 2007, by the European Commission Information Society & Media DG

Due to the excellent final Review of the Project, made in Brussels on 28th September 2007, the European Commission Information Society & Media DG has selected the INFOBIOMED Project as a "Project of the Month" of October 2007.

INFOBIOMED has successfully promoted synergy and exchange between key European institutions performing research in the BI, MI and/or BMI fields. Among the wide tange of initiatives promoted by INFOBIOMED, a European Biomedical Informatics Gateway has been created, constituting updated repository containing extensive information and the latest news on Biomedical Informatics in Europe. Innovative training activities have been organised, such as the three editions of the Training Challenge, where two teams of students with different backgrounds have learnt to work together in specific case studies that could benefit from an integrative approach. Active policies for mobility of researchers have been promoted, and the network has developed two comprehensive state-of-the-art documents on data, methods and technologies in BMI, freely available from the project website, one of them on a Wiki environment.

The news report published by the European Commission can be found here.

More information on the INFOBIOMED is provided through the project website:

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