Jordi Mestres, editor of the new magazine "Molecular Informatics"

Jordi Mestres, coordinator of the Chemogenomics Laboratory of the Research Group of Biomedical Informatics, GRIB (IMIM-UPF), will be one of the 4 editors of the new magazine Molecular Informatics that will be published by Wiley-VCH publishers starting in January 2010.

The aim of Molecular Informatics is to be an international forum that publishes high-quality interdisciplinary research on all molecular aspects of biological-chemical informatics and computer-assisted molecule design. Meriting mention is the section entitled ‘Methods Corner’, review articles that show important technological concepts and advancements in the field covered by the magazine.

The magazine, which will have peer review, is addressed to computational biologists and chemists, chemical and molecular biologists, medicine designers and researchers in the fields of chemical or biological informatics, among others.

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