Presentation of the new laboratory of ChemBioBank

This event took place last 23rd of July at Barcelona Science Park (PCB). Developed by the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and the Institut Municipal d´Investigació Mèdica (IMIM), CBB is an interactive space where the scientific community can share and enhance their knowledge. Its purpose is to create a public bank with a large, freely accessible, collection of compounds with annotated biological profiles. In addition, by means of chemoinformatic tools, molecular descriptors are also obtained. Manuel Pastor, Jordi Mestres and Ferran Sanz, senior researchers of GRIB, take part of this initiative.

CBB stores collections of small molecules and biomolecules that have been identified/ synthesized by research groups, with the aim to increase the value of these compounds by providing biological and chemoinformatic information. The biological data comprise cytotoxicity assays in several cell lines, activity in twenty GPCRs and diverse transporters, cytochrome inhibition, cellular membrane penetration and cellular signalling, among others. CBB also extracts knowledge from the biological information generated on each compound by means of novel chemogenomic tools with the aim to perform in silico pharmacological profiling of large chemical libraries.

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