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CADD Group is now PhI Group

The Computer-Assisted Drug Design (CADD) group of GRIB lead by Manuel Pastor has changed its name to PharmacoInformatics group (Acronym PhI). This new identification name aims to better represent the research activities carried out by the group, focused towards the development and application of computational methodologies to the design of new drugs.

You can follow the activities of this group at the renamed web

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Structural Bioinformatics group of GRIB


El GRIB ha desenvolupat un sistema predictiu acurat per predir la interacció entre proteïnes

En un treball publicat en la revista Journal of Molecular Biology, investigadors del GRIB (UPF-IMIM) coordinats per Baldomero Oliva, cap del grup de Bioinformàtica Estructural es mostra el paper que juguen algunes característiques de caire estructural inherents a aquests tipus de molècules (llaços i dominis) que fan més entenedors els mecanismes moleculars de les interaccions que estableixen les proteïnes entre sí.

Treball de referència:

Planas-Iglesias J,  Bonet J,  García-García J,  Marín-López MA,  Feliu E,  Oliva B. (2013), " Understanding Protein-Protein Interactions Using Local Structural Features ", J Mol Biol , 23 de gener, doi: 10.1016/j.jmb.2013.01.014.

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Un vídeo de Núria López-Bigas finalista al concurs BiomediCine de Biopol'H

Nuria López-Bigas, cap del grup de genòmica biomèdica del GRIB (IMIM-UPF), amb el seu vídeo “CATGmusic” ha estat finalista a BiomediCine, primer concurs de vídeo biomèdic organitzat per Biopol’h. En aquest link CATG music podeu visualitzar aquesta petita obra d'art feta per la nostra companya. Felicitats Núria! 

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Thesis defence of Joan Planas: On the study of 3D structure of proteins for developing new algorithms to complete the interactome and cell signalling networks

Today at 11:00, Joan Planas, member of the Structural Bioinformatics Group of GRIB (IMIM-UPF) will defend his thesis in the Auditorium of PRBB.

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Open PHACTS produces new brochure

(press release of IMI newsletter - December 2012)

IMI knowledge management project Open PHACTS participated by the GRIB has produced a brochure setting out its work. The project, which is building a platform to integrate data from diverse sources, is attracting growing numbers of associate partners.

Associate partners receive regular updates on the latest developments from the project and are also able to present ideas and use cases to the Open PHACTS team. The project is also presented in a recent edition of Drug Discovery Today

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Crucial step in AIDS virus maturation simulated

Researchers of the Computational Biophysics group of GRIB (IMIM-UPF) have used molecular simulation techniques to explain a specific step in the maturation of the HIV virions, i.e., how newly formed inert virus particles become infectious, which is essential in understanding how the virus replicates. These results, which have been published in the latest edition of PNAS, could be crucial to the design of future antiretrovirals.

This work has been carried out using, a voluntary distributed computing platform leveraging GPU accelerators to deliver “virtual supercomputing” performance. Follow at:

Article reference: Kinetic characterization of the critical step in HIV-1 protease maturation. S Kashif Sadiq, Frank Noe and Gianni De Fabritiis. PNAS. DOI:10.1073/pnas.1210983109.

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eTOX library goes public

(Press release IMI newsletter october 2012)

Since its launch in April 2010, IMI toxicology project eTOX  ( has been compiling a vast library of information and data on the toxicology field. Now the project team has decided to make its eTOX Library ( available to the public, so that scientists outside eTOX can benefit from it. The library has three sections. Under Articles, the project provides links to relevant journal articles; each reference has a list of keywords and a synopsis highlighting the article’s relevance to eTOX’s goals. The Journals section includes links to journals that cover toxicology issues, and the Links section includes links to public databases, computer modelling tools, projects, and more. For their part, eTOX researchers are using the library to identify new data that can be integrated into the project’s databases, find out about new computational models, and identify potential drug targets and biological markers relevant to toxicity. The library is updated regularly.


Project eTOX explains ontologies

(Press release, IMI newsletter Nov. 2012)

 One of the goals of IMI project eTOX, coordinated by the GRIB, is to predict safety issues in silico (i.e. using computer models) by learning from companies’ existing preclinical data. The extraction of reports containing this data is now well advanced, raising the issue of standardisation. The question facing eTOX is: how can the project make sure that everybody uses the same term to describe the same thing? The answer lies in ontologies :the description of preferred terms and synonyms to be used in various places, as well as the relationships between the terms.

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El GRIB rep quatre dels premis del Consell Social de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra en la seva edició 2012: dos d’ells a la transferència de coneixement i altres dos a la qualitat en la docència

  • Premi a la transferència de coneixement des d'una tesi doctoral guanyat per Khademul Islam, investigador postdoctoral del laboratori de genòmica biomèdica.
  • Premi a la transferència de coneixement en la modalitat de tecnologia des de la recerca guanyat per els membres del laboratori de genòmica biomèdica participants del projecte GENOMED i dirigits per la professora ICREA Nuria López-Bigas.
  • Premi a la qualitat en la docència en la modalitat de l'activitat docent dins d'un Màster universitari al professor Robert Castelo, cap del laboratori de genòmica funcional, per la seva activitat dins el Màster de Bioinformàtica.
  • Premi a la qualitat en la docència guanyat per el professor Manuel Pastor, cap del laboratori de Disseny de fàrmacs assistit per ordinador, per la seva activitat docent dins del grau de Biologia Humana.

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Come to the SME Bioinformatics Forum in Barcelona the 8-9 October 2012

The workshop, organized by the GRIB jointly with EMBL, INB and Biocat, will introduce bioinformatics tools and data resources and will present the opportunities for SMEs to use and integrate these resources in order to derive business benefit from the existing and developing infrastructure.
The topics of the workshop have been specifically selected on the basis of previous interactions with SMEs, priorities specified by SMEs as part of a recent user survey and discussions with a regional focus group. The data resources and services include genomic, proteomics and chemical resources, molecular interactions, integration services and EBI search, web services, etc..

There will also be an opportunity to hear from several companies based in the region and for some hands-on tutorials.

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