iPHACE, un programari que permet explorar visualment l'espai farmacològic

Noticia publicada per la UPF l'1 de març de 2010

El 15 de febrer, la revista internacional Bioinformatics , una de les millors en l'àmbit de les matemàtiques i la biologia computacional, va publicar un article sobre una aplicació web desenvolupada pel Laboratori de Quimiogenòmica, dirigit per Jordi Mestres , dins el Grup de Recerca en Informàtica Biomèdica (GRIB) de la UPF-IMIM.

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Plataformas de colaboración público-privada (Noticia publicada en Diario Médico el 25/2/2010)

Profesionales de empresas privadas e instituciones públicas implicadas en las tres grandes plataformas tecnológicas de investigación biomédica españolas sobre medicamentos innovadores, nanomedicina y tecnología sanitaria se han reunido en Barcelona por tercer año consecutivo para compartir sus respectivas experiencias, en colaboración con Biocat, Farmaindustria, Fenin y la Fundación IMIM.

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25 European organisations unite their efforts towards a better prediction of toxic effects of new drug candidates

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) funds for 5 years a consortium consisting of 13 European pharmaceutical companies and 12 academic groups and SMEs to develop information technologies-based solutions for improved toxicity prediction of new drug candidates. The academic coordination of the project is in charge of Ferran Sanz,  Director of GRIB (IMIM-UPF).

eTOX project aims to develop innovative methodological strategies and novel software tools to better predict the toxicological profiles of new molecular entities in early stages of the drug development pipeline. This is planned to be achieved by sharing and jointly exploiting legacy reports of toxicological studies from participating pharmaceutical companies The project will coordinate the efforts of specialists from industry and academia in the wide scope of disciplines that are required for a more reliable modelling of the complex relationships existing between molecular and in vitro information and the in vivo toxicity outcomes of drugs.

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Biana: a software framework for compiling biological interactions and analyzing networks

The 27th of January the journal BMC Bioinformatics has published un article about a the software BIANA (Biologic Interactions and Network Analysis) a tool for biological information integration and network management, developed by the Laboratory of Structural Bioinformatics led by Baldomero Oliva (GRIB-UPF/IMIM).

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The Annual Conference of Biomedical Research Tecnological Patforms will be celebrated in Barcelona on February 23rd - 24th

This event will join all stakeholders and institutions working in drug research, nanomedicine and health technologies and will allow to know the last news at european level of the different platforms. Moreover, a wide range of the last initiatives and public – private cooperation projects of in these fields will be presented. Registration form available in

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IntOGen: An innovative system for Integrative OncoGenomics

HFSP Career Development Award holder Nuria Lopez-Bigas and colleagues

The Biomedical Genomics laboratory at University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona,, led by Nuria López–Bigas, has developed an innovative system for the analysis and integration of vast amounts of cancer genomics data. The results generated by this system, called IntOGen, can be accessed at journal Nature Methods has published recently un article with the description of this new tool: "IntOGen: Integration and data-mining of multidimensional oncogenomic data".

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Praveena Surapaneni, researcher of Chemogenomics Laboratory of GRIB, awarded with the Best Poster Award of Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference 2010 (APBC 2010)

The Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference series is an annual forum for exploring research, development and novel applications of Bioinformatics. The eigth edition took place last 18-21 January in Bangalore, India.

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UPFARMA platform has participated in the 2nd edition of InterACC1Ó

UPFARMA platform has participated in the 2nd edition of InterACC1Ó, a key appointment to anticipate trends, get to know new business opportunities and discover how to grow in competitivity in an evolving market. The event took place the last 28th of October 2009 at the Barcelona Forum and was organised by ACC1Ó-"The Catalonian Technological Network" (TECNIO). In this context, UPFARMA has been present in the media to disseminate its expertise and objectives, in particular, to pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

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The Project “Computerised system for management and exploitation of genomic data for the personalized healthcare” granted with the InnoCash Program of FECYT

The Biomedical Genomics laboratory of GRIB (UPF – IMIM), , led by Nuria López – Bigas will be in charge of the coordination of this project in which also participates the private company Sistemas Genómicos. The funding received for the project amounts 500.000 euros for 2 years.

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The project "ActivA: translational bioinformatics in health care" granted by MITC

The Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics laboratory (, led by Jordi Villà-Freixa, has become part of an ambitious innovation project to pave the way for integration of  the data coming from the patient with the results that the researcher obtains from it, ensuring the quality control and the rational of this flow of information in both directions thanks to the clinicians involvement. The budget for the project is more than 1.2 M. Euros, partially funded during 2 and a half years by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, and will be carried out by a consortium integrated by the UPF, the Associación Madrileña contra la Fibrosis Quística, Intelligent Software Components SA, and coordinated by O2 Health Link (O2H ™).

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