An innovative project to pave the way for integration of  the data coming from the patient with the results that the researcher obtains from it, ensuring the quality control and the rational of this flow of information in both directions thanks to the clinicians involvement

Virtual Physiological Human network of excellence


A methodological and technological framework that, once established, will enable collaborative investigation of the human body as a single complex system. It is a way to share observations, to derive predictive hypotheses from them, and to integrate them into a constantly improving understanding of human physiology/pathology, by regarding it as a single system. This european project is a Network of Excellence of the 7th FP.


eu-adr: early detection of adverse drug events by integrative mining of clinical records and biomedical knowledge. Europen project funded by the 7th FP.



European project which aims to develop a new joint PhD-programme in Pharmacoinformatics.

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The Alternative Splicing Network of Excellence aims to explain the mechanisms of alternative splicing and the interference with other regulatory processes; establish a communication platform among researchers; support Young Investigators and establish new research groups; and raise awareness of the importance of alternative splicing among clinicians, policy makers and the general public. European project funded by the 6th FP.

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@neurist: Integrated Biomedical Informatics for the Management of Cerebral Aneurysms. European project funded by the 6th FP.


CancerGRID: Grid aided computer system for rapid anti-cancer drug design. European project funded by the 6th FP.


European STREP project whose aim is to develop Quasi-Opportunistic Supercomputing solutions for Complex Systems in Grid Environments at the European level. This european project is coordinated by the University of Ulster and funded by the 6th FP.


European STREP project whose aim is to provide a general platform for the integration of low level genomics, proteomics and metabolomics data to high level clinical data on COPD. This project is coordinated by the IDIBAPS and funded by the 6th FP.


Network of Excellence of the 6th FP of the EC coordinated by the GRIB, whose aim is to create a stable and lasting RTD structure on Biomedical Informatics at european level. 

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