Computational system developed in order to automatically explore the similarities among bio-molecules on the basis of molecular interaction potentials (MIP).


European project whichaims to develop a multi-lingual, multi-platform, multi-specialty suite of decision support tools (+200) to provide critical information to physicians, nurses and caregivers at the point of care to support them in treating and informing patients.


European project that aims to develop a search system that allows intelligent access to medical literature including texts and articles, regardless of the language (multilingual) and focused in the domain of gastroenterology.


European project focused on the development of an external quality assurance system that guarantees the quality and inter-comparability of results among laboratories performing anti-doping tests.


European project focused on the research on the professional and technological status of community pharmacies in Latin America and exploration of the potential use of telematics for health promotion and responsible self-medication.

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