Research Groups

  • The GRIB is currently organized in nine research groups.

    To support the scientific personnel, the GRIB has an IT & Management office.

    Mar Albà (IMIM) and Ferran Sanz (UPF) are the Directors of GRIB.

  • Computional Science

    Led by Gianni de Fabritiis is dedicated to computational science in biomedicine and machine learning.

  • NeuroGenomics

    Led by Gabriel Santpere aims to gain insight into the evolutionary mechanisms leading to human brain specializations by means of functional genomics

  • Evolutionary Genomics

    Led by M. Mar Albà and focused on the use of comparative genomics and large-scale data analysis.

  • Functional Genomics

    Led by Robert Castelo aim at contributing to narrow the gap between sequence and function by developing computational tools.

  • GPCR Drug Discovery

    Led by Jana Selent and focussed on the functionality of G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) in the context of CNS-related disorders.

  • Integrative Biomedical Informatics

    Led by Ferran Sanz and dedicated to the generation and execution of research initiatives for the solution of biomedical problems.

  • PharmacoInformatics

    Led by Manuel Pastor and focused on development and application of pharmacoinformatic methods in the field of drug Discovery and Development.

  • Structural Bioinformatics

    Led by Baldo Oliva and dedicated to the analysis and modelling of protein 3D structures, as well as these of macromolecular interactions.

  • Systems Pharmacology

    Led by Jordi Mestres and dedicated to the development of computational tools for the systematic identification of active molecules for therapeutically relevant target famílies.

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