Mission Statement

The CBBL is currently lead by Jordi Villà i Freixa, associate professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The group was created in 2003, after the IP having spend several postdoctoral stages at the Institut Municipal d'Investigació Mèdica (IMIM) and the departments of chemistry at the University of Minnesota and the University of Southern California.

The group, whose members are involved in a number of national and international projects ranging from the understanding of enzymatic reactivity at the atomic detail to building information systems useful to relate patients, clinicians and researchers, works on what we believe are the cornerstones of the role of a University-based research group:

  • Research: by using simulation techniques to understand the dynamical behavior of biological systems, at both molecular and systemic levels. The ultimate goal is to develop integrated multiscale models to explain specific but complex problems in the behaviour of biomolecules.
  • Technology Transfer: we have a strong interest in the translational aspects of bioinformatics research. Thus, the increasing interest in participating into the development of tools with real biomedical impact has lead us to join efforts with the O2HLink company in a number of projects, focusing on the building of mechanisms to facilitate translational biomedicine for rare diseases.
  • Teaching: as part of the University system, we coordinate or participate in the teaching of a number of undergraduate and graduate level courses in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, as well as have had an active role in external courses in a number of places.

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