Structural Bioinformatics

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Mission Statement

The Structural Bioinformatics group led by Baldo Oliva is dedicated to conduct state of the art research in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Our main research lines include:

  • Fold prediction
  • Protein docking
  • Function prediction and annotation
  • Description of the dynamical properties of biomolecules

One of the main skills of the group is on comparative modeling of proteins. Besides structural characterization of a 3D modeled protein, we are involved in the development of tools to help modelers, like classification of protein loops on several protein datasets and description of protein motifs involved in functional signatures or foldability. Also, gene structure is important on the description of protein domains and motifs. 

At the moment we are trying to develope tools to relate structural and functional motifs with genomic information on splicing sites and alternative splicing. The description of function by means of sequence/structure relationships is a challenge on the post-genomic era in which structural genomics initiatives identify the protein conformation before knowledge of function is achieved.

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