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Tuesday, 6th September, 2011, 11:00-12:00

Assessment of peptide conformational features by computational methods and the design of peptidomimetics

Peptides are important mediators in the regulation of physiological processes of living organisms, exercising actions as agonists, antagonist or enzyme substrates and inhibitors. Moreover, they have also been successfully used as disruptors of protein-protein interactions. Unfortunately peptides exhibit a low pharmacological profile and small molecule peptidomimetics are helpful alternatives. The process of designing a peptidomimetic using computational methods goes through a deep understanding of the conformational profile of a peptide. These are flexible molecules with a large number of low energy conformations. In this talk I shall address the problem of conformational profile characterization and how this information can be used for peptidomimetic design.

Speaker: Juan Jesús Pérez EQ/UPC

Room Seminar room 173.06 - PRBB

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