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Wednesday, 15th April, 2015, 11:00h

RNA processing alterations as drivers and prognostic markers of cancer


Alterations in RNA processing are emerging as important signatures to understand tumor formation and to develop new therapeutic strategies. However, it is not yet known the extent to which these alterations can be considered drivers or whether specific patterns of RNA processing can be predictive of prognosis. We describe our efforts to determine the functional impact and relevance in cancer of RNA processing alterations measured in 11 cancer types. We describe multiple alterations in RNA regulatory proteins and their target genes, and investigate RNA alterations that are predictive of tumor stage and survival. These novel signatures expand the catalogue of candidate actionable alterations in tumors and potentially complement current strategies in precision cancer medicine.

Speaker: EDUARDO EYRAS Computational Genomics Group - GRIB

Room Aula room (4th floor)

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