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Thursday, 18th May, 2023, 12:00

The temporal analysis of gene regulatory networks in early neurodevelopment

PRBB Computational Genomics Seminar. Chair: Gabriel Santpere

Disorders of cortical development are characterized by complex genetic architectures involving many genes which function during corticogenesis. Little is known about the function of these disease-relevant genes across the early fetal development of the human telencephalon and the progression of the neural stem cells (NSCs). Here, we focused on lists of known genes associated with cortical disorders. We explored expression dynamics and regulatory networks in our previously reported transcriptomic datasets generated from human pluripotent stem cell-derived NSCs, which progress in vitro recapitulating regional organizing centers and cortical neurogenesis. We identified disease-specific phases across human telencephalic development when NSCs might be more vulnerable to gene dysfunction. We defined new putative implications of risk genes in the brain organizers' activity and NSCs. This work opens a new perspective to model the origins of cortical disorders in progressing NSCs across the very early phases of human fetal brain development.

Zoom webinar:

Speaker: Xoel Mato Blanco Neurogenomics group (Gabriel Santpere), GRIB

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