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Sunday, 3rd October, 2010, 14h - 15h

Elements of Multiscale nonstandard simulation techniques (workshop on multiscale simulations - 2nd Barcelona School on Biomedical Informatics)

Standard mathematical models of complex dynamical biological processes include elements of ordinary differential equations to capture, for example, biochemical kinetics coupled with continuum partial differential equations models that represent spatial elements such as transport and motion. However, there is increasing interest in nonstandard simulation techniques that capture, for example, discrete stochastic subcellular behaviour or spatial heterogeneity in media via the concept of fractional derivatives. My challenge in 50 minutes is to give an overview of some of the important multiscale modeling and simulation issues associated with these nonstandard approaches.

Speaker: Kevin Burrage (Oxford University and QUT, Brisbane, Australia)

Room PRBB Auditorium

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