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Monday, 23th May, 2011, 15:30

Improvements in computer simulations in biomedicine and how they are going on-line

Molecular simulations and biochemical kinetics modelling are among the most computing demanding problems in biomedicine. In this talk I will introduce several improvements our group has been developing in the last years, and how they have been applied to a variety of questions proposed by our fellow experimentalists. However, an increasing demand for simple and multiplatform bioinformatics and simulations methods to tackle a variety of problems in biomedicine exists. Thus, the natural move of a research group to make its software widely spread is to create web portals and web services that habilitate others to use its tools in an easy way. We will show the concept of Activ8 as an extremely simple to use and absolutely expandable platform for building computational protocols on-line. Examples of its use will range from research to training.

Speaker: Dr. Jordi Villà i Freixa

Room Sala d’actes, planta baixa, Àrea General HUVH

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