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Tuesday, 20th March, 2018, 11:00

Systems Pharmacology

Thesis defense: "Next generation of informatics tools for big data analytics in drug discovery".

The defense of Mª Carmen Carrascosa Baena will take place the 20th of March, at 11.00. 

Room Classroom number 61.127, placed at the first floor of the Doctor Aiguader building (Dr. Aiguader 80, Barcelona)

Thursday, 20th April, 2017, 13:00

Systems Pharmacology

Large-Scale Predictive Drug Safety

BIGCHEM BCN 2017: school about Computational Chemistry and Pharmacology. The recent explosion of data linking drugs, proteins, and pathways with safety events has promoted the development of integrative systems approaches to large-scale predictive drug safety that pave the way towards gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms leading to adverse outcomes.

Speaker: Jordi Mestres - Head of the Systems Pharmacology group of GRIB

Room Charles Darwin Room - PRBB

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