Spin-off companies

The research activity of GRIB has originated the creation of the following spin-off companies:

  • MedBioinformatics Solutions, founded in February 2020 by researchers of the IBI groupFerran Sanz, Laura I. Furlong, Janet Piñero, Olga Valverde and external investor partners. The company is backed by IMIM and UPF and is developing products and services based on the DisGeNET platform, one of the tools on the genetics of diseases with most information in the world. Through the 600,000 associations between more than 17,000 genes and 24,000 human diseases, DisGeNET has amassed, it is currently one of the resources to contain the most such information in the world.
  • Chemotargets SL was founded in March 2006 as a spin-off from Dr. Mestres' Systems Pharmacology group of GRIB under the auspices of the IMIM, a leading academic center of excellence based in Barcelona. Chemotargets offers validated and cutting-edge computational methodologies with top market predictive performance. The innovation strategy of the company is driven by new methods generated at Dr. Mestres' lab. Since May 2017, Prous Institute for Biomedical Research has made a strategic investment in Chemotargets SL which has allowed CLARITYⓇ product development to be accelerated and new capabilities to be acquired in order to support the company's vision and quickly address customers needs.
  • Acellera Ltd, founded in 2006 by Gianni de Fabritiis, head of the Computational Science group of GRIB. Acellera is a technology company focused on delivering services and solutions to companies and academic institutions on computing intensive, mission-critical applications. By exploiting heavily optimized molecular simulations and the outstanding computational capabilities of new accelerator processors, we help to achieve otherwise unreachable results using current standard technology.   
  • Pharmatools Interactive Services, founded by Ferran Sanz, head of the Integrative Biomedical Informatics group. 

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