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Researcher/technical support position at the Structural Bioinformatics Group

We are seeking for a researcher/bioinformatician with capacity to offer technical support for the improvement of programmes generated in the group and the development of new ideas and services within the scientific subject of this announcement (see further).

Note: interest in developing new approaches and research advances in the scientific topics of our group, with potential achievement of a PhD, may also be considered.


The successful candidate will be involved in the improvement, development, update and web-platform service development of the programs of the SBI. The work will be focused in the development and improvement of the tools of the group for the analysis of protein-interactions and network rewiring, implying new aspects of research, preparing the services for the analysis of the TF interactions with DNA.

Project and Institution that finance the contract

The work is supported by grant: BIO2017-85329-R from the Spanish Ministry of Economy (MINECO), FEDER and AEI sources.

Official number reference BIO2017-85329-R


Knowledge of structural bioinformatics techniques (docking, template-based homology modelling, sequence and structure alignment, etc.)

Oral and written communication skills.

Fluent spoken and written English.

Excellent programming/scripting skills in:

     Script/Programming languages: Python

  • Specificities: BioPython, Numpy, Tkinter.
  • Programming languages: C or C++ or Java.
  • Web programming knowledge:
  • Angular JS, JavaScript or PHP.
  • Django or Bottle.
  • CGI.
  • Database programmer: SQL/MySQL or SQLite or MongoDB

Graduate/engineer in one of the following areas: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, informatics, human biology, biomedical engineering.

Master or equivalent in bioinformatics or computational biology, or in the process of obtaining it.

Benefits of the opening

One-year contract with possible extension for one more year under the same funding.

Salary will depend on the experience and qualifications of the applicant and the possibility of industry collaborations.

Information on the application process : 

Applications for this opening should include a CV and a letter of interest, to (Ref: PN_BOliva)

Deadline to submit applications: 29 June 2018

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