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From left to right, Jordi Martínez, Juan Manuel Ramírez, Miguel Ángel Mayer, Ángela Leis, Francesc Cots and Marta Carbonell

EMA selects Hospital del Mar Institute for Medical Research and Hospital de Mar to be data partner of the DARWIN EU data network®

The European Medicines Agency selected Hospital del Mar and the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute to be a Data Partner of the DARWIN EU® data network, an EU-wide federated network of high-quality observational healthcare databases across Europe, that provides expertise and services to support regulatory decision-making throughout the lifecycle of medicinal products.

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The TV3 Marathon and Catalunya Ràdio will finance the project 'A integrative approach to schizophrenia risk prediction by taking advantage of the brain image and the olfactory neuroepiteli transcriptoma', headed by Dr. Gabriel Santpere

Press Release IMIM 03/11/2022

On 3 November, the 36 projects selected by Patronat de la Fundació de La Marató have been made public on the proposal of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

Dr. Gabriel Santpere, coordinator of the Neurogenomics Research Group and with the participation of the Fundación Institut Pere Virgili and Barcelona Braeta Brain Research Center (BBRC), research centre of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, his project 'A integrating approach to schizophrenia risk prediction taking advantage of the brain image and the transcriptome of the olfactory neuroepiteli' has been selected among the 150 proposals presented.

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FBBVA - Development of novel transcriptome-informed methods to predict the response to immunotherapy in cancer

The goal of this project is to use DNA and RNA sequencing data collected from hundreds of patients with advanced bladder cancer, including a cohort at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, to develop predictive models of the response to immunotherapy. We expect that, by including different types of neoantigens and new molecular biomarkers in the models, we will be able to achieve higher accuracy in the predictive models. The project is undertaken by a highly multidisciplinary team led by Mar Albà. The funding is for the period 2022-2024.

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