Thesis of Ignasi Buch: "Investigation of protein-ligand interactions using high-throughput all-atom molecular dynamics simulations"

On Friday, 29th of June, Ignasi Buch, member of the Computational Biophysics Group of GRIB (IMIM-UPF) will defend his thesis at 15:00 in the Auditorium of PRBB.


Investigation of protein-ligand interactions has been a long-standing application for molecular dynamics (MD) simulations given its importance to drug design. However, relevant timescales for biomolecular motions are orders of magnitude longer than the commonly accessed simulation times. Adequate sampling of biomolecular phase-space has therefore been a major challenge in computational modeling that has limited its applicability. The primary objective for this thesis has been the brute-force simulation of costly protein-ligand binding modeling experiments on a large computing infrastructure. We have built and developed GPUGRID: a peta-scale distributed computing infrastructure for high-throughput MD simulations. We have used GPUGRID for the calculation of protein-ligand binding free energies as well as for the reconstruction of binding processes through unguided ligand binding simulations. The promising results presented herein, may have set the grounds for future applications of high-throughput MD simulations to drug discovery programs.

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