PharmaTrek, a polypharmacology browser now released

PharmaTrek, a web-based tool developed by M.Carmen Carrascosa, member of the Chemogenomics group of GRIB (IMIM/ UPF) led by Jordi Mestres, within the framework of the EU funded project Open PHACTS, is officially released.  Try it out now:

PharmaTrek allows the navigation of pharmacological space in a flexible and interactive way, by accessing the content of ChEMBL via the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform. For instance, PharmaTrek can be used to visualise a defined affinity profile for ligands on multiple targets (Mestres et al.). The results are highly filterable, and easily linked with ligand chemical structure.

This tool offers a totally new way of questioning pharmacology databases in a more interactive manner. Please, have a look at the demo video.

Publication Reference: Carrascosa MC, Massaguer OL, Mestres J. PharmaTrek: A Semantic Web Explorer for Open Innovation in Multitarget Drug Discovery. Mol Inf, 2012; 31 (8):537-541. DOI 10.1002/minf.201200070.

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