The Research Group on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB) has received the Quality Certificate from the Centre for Innovation and Business Development (CIDEM) of the Catalan Government.

The Quality Certificate was awarded by the General Secretary of Industry of the Catalan Government during the IV Annual Meeting of Technology and Knowledge Transfer Networks, hosted by CIDEM on the 27th of May in the World Trade Center of Barcelona. 

GRIB joined the Xarxa IT (IT Network) two years ago, a network composed by technology centres and university groups with high potential for technology transfer to the industry. Indeed, GRIB has a long tradition of collaboration with the industry, specially in the health and biotechnology sectors, in the framework of research projects and consultancy services. 

Since the beginning of 2002, GRIB has undergone a process of accreditation of quality service: one of the obstacles which companies mention when they decide to subcontract part of their R&D to universities is the irregularity in the quality of service. This accreditation process has been specifically developed for the IT Network. CIDEM can guarantee the companies that all those centres which make up the IT Network comply with the minimum of service quality and that they speak the same language. The accreditation process is based on the requirements of the quality standards ISO 9001 and EFQM Model, taking into account key aspects as leadership, resources, strategy, quality system, marketing management, project management and customer service. 

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