La Agencia Estatal de Investigación grants thousands of euros in aid to GRIB projects

IMIM Press 08/08/2023

Dr. Gabriel Santpere, coordinator of the Neurogenomics Research Group, leads research 'Understanding the evolution of controlled regulatory networks fear bHLH transcription factors to identify genetic bases of traits derived from human neurodevelopment'. With it we want to deepen knowledge about genetic variants specifically responsible for specializations and brain disorders. To do so, will have an aid of 300,000 euros.

From his band, the head of the Research Group on Comparative and Functional Genomics, Dr. Mario C√°ceres, will lead the project 'Complete characterization of human polymorphic investments through data sequence of readings'. With an endowment of 237,500 euros, will analyze genomic variation and its role in the diversity of phenotypes, seeking to improve precision medicine.

Finally, the coordinator of the research group on the discovery of drugs based on receptors coupled to G proteins, Dr. Jana Selent, leads the project 'Structural drivers of GPCR signaling bias and its exploitation for more efficient and safe drug candidates', also endowed with 200,000 euros. In this case, it is intended to deepen the knowledge of these receptors from a multidisciplinary point of view for the development of drugs aimed at certain pathologies.

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