New Structure

GRIB informs that from this year the Research Group on Biomedical Informatics of IMIM/UPF has passed of to be considered a group to a unit due to the increase of personnel and to the increment of its laboratories, from now on denominated groups. Therefore the GRIB happens to be formed by 8 groups instead of 6, being the new structure:

  • Biomedical Informatics, coordinated by Ferran Sanz
  • Genome Informatics, coordinated by Roderic Guigó
  • Evolutionary Genomics, coordinated by Mar Alba
  • Structural Bioinformatics, coordinated by Baldomero Oliva
  • Computational Biophysics and Biochemistry, coordinated by Jordi Villà
  • Chemogenomics, coordinated by Jordi Mestres
  • Computer-Assisted Drug Design, coordinated by Manuel Pastor
  • Complex Systems, coordinated by Ricard Solé.

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