The IBI group became a node of the Nanopublication Network with a new release of DisGeNET

The Integrative Biomedical Informatics Group is pleased to announce the second release of DisGeNET nanopublications that is a linked dataset implemented by combining the nanopublication approach and the Trusty Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) technique. In this new exciting Data Science era, nanopublications are an emerging approach of publishing structured data that allows the tracking of provenance along with the scientific statement. The Trusty URIs is a novel technique to make resources in the Web immutable and verifiable, and to ensure the unambiguity of the data linking in the Semantic Web. 

In addition, we are happy to announce that our group has become a new node, and the first one in Spain, of the Nanopublication Network, which is a new decentralized server network to release and retrieve Linked Data as nanopublications in a reliable and trustworthy manner. Please see the current nodes at the nanopub-network monitor. This work has been done in collaboration with Dr. Tobias Kuhn (VU University Amsterdam), who is an expert in Semantic Web approaches. DisGeNET nanopublications are available in this new distributed nanopublication server network.

The IBI group has an interdisciplinary expertise in biology, medicine, pharmacology, chemistry and informatics. It has a unique experience in the fields of network medicine and biomedical text mining. Recent achievements apart from the development of the DisGeNET knowledge platform includes: i) development of text mining approaches for the identification of biomarkers, disease-associated genes and drug adverse reactions, ii) development of network biology approaches to study the mechanisms leading to adverse drug reactions and disease comorbidities, iii) semantic web approaches for life sciences, iv) strategies for the reuse of clinical data in biomedical research, and v) participation in international projects in the aforementioned fields: EMIF, eTOX, Open PHACTS, MedBioinformatics, iPiE. IBI group is led by Laura I. Furlong and Ferran Sanz.

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