Systems Pharmacology

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Mission Statement

The Systems Pharmacology group led by Jordi Mestres, performs research at the interface between chemistry, biology and informatics to develop novel computational approaches to design safer, more efficacious, drugs. In this respect, the group is actively involved in several initiatives to explore the mechanisms of action leading to severe adverse drug reactions, with special emphasis in cardiotoxicity and hepatotoxicity, and to investigate the impact of the human endogenous metabolome on the efficacy and safety of drugs. Current efforts are focused on ultimately gaining a better understanding of drug polypharmacology in the context of biological systems as a means to advance towards precision medicine.

The group is also the seed of the biotech Chemotargets SL, the developer of the CLARITY® intelligence and discovery platform for large-scale prediction of the pharmacology, safety, and diseases of small molecule pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals, currently in use by several big pharma, small and medium biotechs, academic centers, and non-for-profit organizations, such as the FDA.

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